About(ISAD) The International Society for Affective Disorders

The International Society for Affective Disorders is an international psychiatric organisation (ISAD) exists to promote research into the affective disorders.

ISAD Fellows

ISAD Fellows are able to post their own peer-reviewed publications and notices on the Society website, find out about the latest research and communicate with other professionals in an online message forum within a secure members area.

Directors of ISAD

President Prof Allan Young, Immediate Past President Prof Sidney Kennedy, Treasurer Prof Antony Cleare and Company Secretary Dr Sagar Parikh with Dr Roger Pinder, Dr Henricus Ruhe, Prof Kathleen Merikangas, Prof Jan Scott, Prof Mohammad Alsuwaidan and Prof Mark Frye.

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Whether you are an academic researcher, a psychiatrist or psychologist in clinical practice or a mental health nurse in a public health setting ISAD has something to offer you.

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ISAD Organisational Structure

ISAD is a charity and a company limited by guarantee.
ISAD’s directors and charity trustees are:
Role: Officer:
President Prof Allan Young
Immediate Past President Dr Sidney Kennedy
Treasurer Prof Anthony Cleare
Company Secretary Dr Sagar Parikh
Director/Trustee Prof Kathleen Marikangas
Director/Trustee Prof Jan Scott
Director/Trustee Prof Mark Frye
Director/Trustee Henricus Ruhe
Director/Trustee Dr Roger Pinder
Director/Trustee Prof Mohammad Alsuwaidan

The Journal of Affective Disorders editors:

Prof Jair Soares Editor
Prof Paolo Brambilla Editor

Society Distinguished Fellows:

Prof Hagop Akiskal USA
Prof Jules Angst Switzerland
Prof Aaron T. Beck USA
Prof George W. Brown UK
Prof Johan den Boer Netherlands
Prof Lars Farde Sweden
Prof Tetsuya Hirose Japan
Prof Cornelius Katona UK
Prof Martin Keller USA
Prof Yves Lecrubier France
Prof Bernard Lerer Israel
Prof Peter McGuffin UK
Prof Charlie Nemeroff USA
Prof Gordon Parker Australia
Prof Eugene Paykel UK
Dr Roger Pinder UK
Prof Norman Sartorius Switzerland
Prof Jan Scott UK
Prof Gregory Simon USA
Prof Chris Thompson UK
Prof Myrna Weissman USA
Prof Hans-Ulrich Wittchen Germany

The executive committee takes advice from the council, consisting of:

1.The executive committee
2.Six regional representatives from:
(a) North America (USA & Canada)
Dr John Rush
(b) Australasia (includes the South Pacific)
Dr Ian Hickie
(c) Asia (includes Japan and the Indian sub-continent)
Prof Tetsuya Hirose
(d) Europe (includes the UK)
Prof Johan den Boer
(e) Latin & Central America (includes Mexico)
Dr Gustavo Vazquez
(d) Africa & the Middle East
Dr Elizabeth Peter Ross
3.The immediate past president
4.Three ex officio members from the Journal of Affective Disorders:
2 Editors in Chief and the Publishing Editor
Prof Hagop Akiskal, Prof Cornelius Katona & Phil Bishop, Elsevier
4.Up to 3 co-opted members
Prof Norman Sartorius, Dr Kay Wilhelm & Dr Ajit Avashti
The Executive Committee has also established four further committees:
1. The Membership Committee
Chair: Dr Roumen Milev
2. The Education Committee
Chair: Dr Sagar Parikh
3. An External Affairs Committee
Chair: Dr Chris Thompson
4. The Programme Committee
Chair: Dr Bernard Lerer
One member of the Executive Committee serves on each of the above committees.

ISAD has an administrator, Caroline Loveland.

Caroline is also secretary to the World Psychiatric Association Section of Affective Disorders.
The ISAD office is hosted by the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London.

The Constitution and Operating policies of ISAD

The Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association were adopted in February 2004
These are the documents which describe how ISAD operates.

Please click here to view the PDF