Whether you are an academic researcher, a psychiatrist or psychologist in clinical practice or a mental health nurse in a public health setting ISAD has something to offer you.



  • to build networks of all those interested or having an interest in affective disorders
  • to cultivate international research collaborations in affective disorders
  • to promote the dissemination of research
  • to promote understanding and awareness of the affective disorders
The main day-to-day function of the society is an improved networking of all those interested or having an interest in affective disorders. This will be carried out through the web site

The Journal of Affective Disorders is the Society’s house journal.

Conferences & Meetings
The ISAD biennial conference is the only one to focus solely on the affective disorders in all their aspects, and brings together recent research findings.

Supporting Research
ISAD encourages research by granting travel bursaries to the meetings, having a young investigator award and other activities.

Continuing Professional Development
ISAD is now so well respected and brings such a high level of scientific credibility to events and meetings that a formal evaluation procedure has been introduced to consider applications for ISAD endorsement of various educational programmes for clinicians.

ISAD Special Interest Committees & Meetings
The Committee on Chronotherapeutics in Affective Disorders (CCAD) was formed in 2004 by ISAD to review chronotherapeutics (light and wake therapy) in affective disorders. The committee's report has been published as an Editorial in Psychological Medicine.

Advocacy Partnership
Our advocacy partners represent a variety of interests and include patient groups that represent those living with mental health problems and organisations striving to improve healthcare professionals standards of care by encouraging positive practice.

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We have a range of memberships with reductions to reflect geographical regions and young researchers.
To become an ISAD Fellow please submit an application to the Society.
There are various categories of membership:

Distinguished Fellow
This category includes the Foundation Fellows.

Fellow: Fellowship requires two or more articles on related subjects containing original data that have been published in peer reviewed journals. The definition of a peer-reviewed journal is sufficiently broad to encompass reputable journals in all disciplines and all countries. It will therefore include those working in a scientific capacity in Universities, Hospitals, Industry and other settings.

Affiliated Members

There are 3 types of affiliate membership
  1. Junior Researchers: who have not yet achieved the two publications necessary for fellowship but who may wish to play a part in the Society, attend the meetings and subscribe to the Journal of Affective Disorders. They will subsequently become eligible for fellowship on submission of the necessary two peer reviewed publications. Junior researchers are to be seconded by Fellows
  2. Clinicians: those with a substantial element of their practice in affective disorders, whatever the clinical discipline are welcome to receive the privileges of membership on submission of a brief CV and description of their practice.
  3. Members of recognised advocacy groups: the officers and members of established groups that are acting in alliance with the Charity will be accepted in membership of the society on submission of evidence of membership of the advocacy group. Recognised advocacy groups will be decided by consultation within the executive committee, these decisions to be transparent.